Our Mission

West Indy Speed’s mission is to design a specific training program for the most important part of athletic performance: SPEED!

Working with our experienced coaches and state of the art facility we are able to take athletes to the next level of on-field or on-court play. West Indy Speed will evaluate your athlete's movement and strength on day one to help design a program that will make you stronger and faster.

​The trainers at West indy Speed are educated and experienced in biomechanics and injury prevention. Your athlete will not only be stronger and faster but also gain a better sense of injury prevention techniques, as well as, recovery methods. Injuries happen but getting back to your sport is our top goal. 

Our team

Andrew Ponsler

Elite Speed Coach

Coach Andrew has a great passion for speed athletes and movement. He has been owner and operator of speed based facilities for over 10 years. If there has been a state record in running in Indiana there is a good chance Coach Andrew has worked with that athlete in one capacity or another. He has a background and degree in biomechanics and has been taking an athlete starting talent to the next level since 2009. .


Darwin Robinson

Head Strength Coach

Coach Darwin is the founder and an owner of West indy Barbell. West Indy Barbell is one of Indy’s strongest gyms. With a strong background in contact sports and martial arts Coach Robinson has perfected the art of making people extremely strong and mobile. He has been working with athletes from beginner to elite of years and is excited to team us with West Indy Speed to make you or your athlete the best they can be.